Monday, March 31, 2008

Looking Back....

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it’s great to be back at this forum. the last time i posted a comment here was in the wee hours of the morning of saturday (the day of release) when i said that i can’t sleep ‘coz i was so excited for the afternoon release of the Bar results. but i managed to get some sleep though and woke up around 7 a.m. and proceeded to Quiapo church to hear mass and get some spiritual recharging and after that headed to SC around 11 a.m. it was really a hot afternoon but we endured the heat of the sun, which was nothing compared to the nervousness and tension that examinees like me most probably experienced. t’was almost 4 p.m. in the afternoon when the SC opened the doors of the main hall for viewing of the results via the LCD projectors. the main hall was so crowded so i contented myself to check in the bulletin board outside where the names were also posted to check if my name is among those listed. and miracle of miracles !!! yes, i made it guys and the rest is history. :-)

this is really a big, big blessing from God. i never seriously expected to pass except through God’s divine intervention. i know i did my best during the exam but of course there’s always the feeling of inadequacy. it’s really comforting to know that there is an unseen hand working in the sidelines carving our destinies. as i’ve said previously in this forum, it is the Divine Providence who is the final arbiter of all our plans and ambitions.

thank you atty. fred for hosting this forum which has been our favorite internet hang-out for the past few weeks to check out the latest rumors and release date. perhaps i can consider the days prior to the release as one of my life’s most stressful moments but definitely, it was worth the wait. kudos to all the 2007 bar passers. and i also pray for those who did not make it, that they may be able to accept their fate in all humility and not to lose hope ‘coz everything in this world happens for a purpose and there is a season for everything under the sun according to the Bible. may they always find the strength in the risen Christ who has conquered everything that we may also find the strength to face life’s adversities. your site’s tagline “The Almighty has a plan for all of us and I agree that the All Seeing Eye does not play dice with our destinies. Indeed, even pain has a purpose.” - Chief Justice Reynato Puno is indeed so true and i really subscribe to it.

God bless you atty. fred for being a true student of the law and may He bless all the barristers as we journey in the long and arduous path towards becoming His priests in the temple of justice.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moment of Truth

ano ba naman ito??? di ako dalawin ng antok, its almost 2:30 a.m. but i can’t help but feel excited on today’s announcement of the Bar exam results. parang ayaw ko na nga matulog.
pero eto nga, matutulog na rin ‘coz punta pa ako sa SC mamaya to face my destiny. don’t forget to say your prayers not just for yourselves but for all the barristers. truly, “this is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice.”
God bless us all….

Friday, March 28, 2008

One More Agonizing Day.....

i couldn’t care less if tomorrow or kahit next week pa ang results ng Bar exam for as long as they increase the rumored low passing percentage of 13% to a socially acceptable level. Question: which would you rather have, the results released today with 13% passing rate or some other future time with a 20% passing rate? i know my answer…. :-)that 7% difference translates to about 400+ examineees. as the wise folks would always say “patience is a virtue” and “all things come to those who patiently wait.”

to all of us Bar hopefuls, good luck and may we find the light at the end of the tunnel and may Almighty God give us the strength and courage that we need in our journey towards becoming worthy members of the august legal profession.

God bless us all. :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good luck to my fellow reviewees

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Hi to all! Good luck to all my fellow 2007 Bar examinees.

Amid all the positive and negative rumors circulating, let’s not forget that there is a Divine Providence out there who guides the destinies of men and nations. He is the final arbiter of all our plans and ambitions. Let’s leave all our worries and fears to Him, after all, He alone knows what is best for His children. Let’s begin counting our blessings.

I don’t think if I could still add anything more to all the good wishes and the inspirational words that were written and said in this weblog.

With just a few more days before the “moment of truth” arrives, let us earnestly ask the Divine Providence to give us the strength, the courage and the humility to accept His divine will for us, whatever it may bring forth. Very soon, our anticipation will be over and all things shall surely come to pass.

God bless us all.