Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sec. Dureza's Abominable Prayer

I wasn't able to watch the actual video footage on TV but i was able to watch the video in Youtube.  

My gosh!!! Pati ba naman ang Diyos eh isinasali pa nila sa kanila'ng makasariling interes? That prayer of Press Secretary Dureza (I wouldn't call him by his first name "Jesus" because he has already brought dishonor to that holy name of our Lord) was really abominable and outrageous.  At any rate, I do believe that such prayer was inefficacious, and God would certainly not listen to that prayer, but what we gather from such utterances (slip of the tongue) coming from Sec. Dureza only confirms our suspicions on intentions of the present dispensation to hold on to power beyond 2010.  It's now our turn to gather ourselves in prayer and ask Divine Providence for a miracle, that is, for an act of contrition from our present leaders to acknowledge their excesses in power and the humility to yield to the dictates of the Constitution. That at a definite point in time, they must relinquish power and not to desperately hold on to it, after all, this is the essence of a republican government.  For the meantime, I pray that our well-meaning Senators and Congressmen and all sectors of society join hands together in forming a formidable front to oppose these devious initiatives in the House of Representatives to convene itself into a constituent assembly, on the pretext of amending the economic provisions of the Constitution .  I am hopeful that the people's voice will prevail in the end.  It is very clear that majority (about 64%) of Filipinos oppose charter change (at least, during this administration) according to the latest survey conducted by the Social Weather Station (SWS).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One of the best photos i've seen this year

I can't believe this!!! Thank God he kept his word that he would endorse the impeachment complaint of his son and namesake, Joey de Venecia. This is a photo of the former House Speaker Jose De Venecia signing the impeachment complaint against President GMA at the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles. Finally... he has mustered the courage to take a stand against his former benefactor and put the people's interest over and above the dirty patronage politics. To former House Speaker De Venecia, I personally salute you turning your back away from the road to perdition and deciding instead to walk the paths of righteousness. (Photo courtesy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer).